The Artificial Intelligence Daemon Project  
  Experiments with 3d objects using OpenSim and autonomous learning algorithms.  
  Caelum Alpha     The current location on the hypergrid.  
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first mini daemon blob   The mini test daemon of Caelum Alpha
June 12, 2020
  Original work started within second-life, long ago:  
first mini daemon blob   First appearance of the mini daemon
June 12, 2009
second large daemon blob   Appearance of the second larger daemon
June 12, 2009
  The 3d objects above used for second-life where initially created in 3d-blender, then exported as UV texture maps, then imported into second-life to create sculpties.  

The above objects were originally located near the dark tower.


A.I. Prediction Systems

leonardos cube icon Dark Maelstrom
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  Radiant Arc
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