Blender 3d texture how to items.  
  July 31, 2020  
  Some short information on texturing objects in Blender 3d.  
  How to mark a seam:  
      In the 3d view, within the: Edit Mode  select the vertices to be a seam, then:  
           edge   >>   mark seam  
  How to select an island of vertices in the UV map:  
      Press the island selection icon near the upper left in the UV editor:  
      Selecting a vertex in the UV editor will select that island of vertices:  
      Then choose from an icon on the left to  
      translate, scale, rotate, etc., the island of vertices:  
  How to get textures to show up on the objects in the 3d viewport.  
  Select a model (an object) from withing the Scene Collection. Then:  
            properties editor   >>   Material Properties    
            >>   select   >>  
            >>   use nodes   >>  
            Base color   >>    click on the small circle icon, to the right of:   Base color  
            >>   Image texture   >>   open  
            >>   browse image   >>   choose texture  
            >>   open image  

In the 3d viewport:

          within the icons that selects to view wire model, solid model, etc, choose:  
            Material Preview mode,  or  Display render preview  
  then, from the last icon, the drop down icon, select:   Viewport shading  



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