Miscellaneous errors appearing in Opensim.  
  August 29, 2020  
  Possible solutions to some errors that may appear within Opensim.  
  When trying to upload a mesh from blender 3d, the following error may appear:  
       Error: Material of Model is not a subset of reference material.  
        One possible solution:         
           1.   Export the object with the problem as an obj model.      
           2.   Import the new obj model into a new blender file.      
           3.   Then, from the new blender file, export the model as a new mesh,     
            as another collada file (.dae),   
           4.   Finally, try to import the new collada file.  
        Another possible solution:    
           1.   In blender 3d, within the Outliner, create a new collection in the scene.   
           2.   Copy and Paste the object with a problem, into the new collection.  
           3.   Then, select and export the new object from the new collection as usual.  



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