How to add a Phantom Prim to a Collection.  
  October 25, 2020  
  How to add a phantom prim to a collection of prims and have its property of  
  being a phantom remain intact.  
  In this example we wish to create a hatchway, like a port hole on the top  
  deck of a ship. We wish to keep the hatch closed but allow any avatar  
  to pass through it, while the hatch remains closed.  
  For this we need the hatch to be a phantom prim attached  
  to the rest of the ship's prims in the collection of prims.  
  First create the mesh for a square hatchway:  
  Then create a second mesh which will act as the collision detection polygons for the mesh.  
  Build this by removing the internal vertices to make a surrounding square.  
  This will be used as the collision file in the "use from" selection, when importing the mesh into opensim.  
  Since the internal polygons are missing, any avatar will be able to pass through it.  
  Next, from within opensim, import the full mesh of the hatchway:  
  Within the "Physics" tab select a physics model "from file".  
  Browse for the file of the surrounding square mesh, created earlier:  
  The blue tint on the polygons shows that only the edge of the hatch will be used for colliision detection.  
            For the above to work, we have noticed, that the collision mesh needs to be at the outer edges of the overall mesh.  
            Otherwise, the uploaded meshes will not line up.  



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