How to set a material for a seperate single face.  
  October 1, 2020  
  Some notes and procedures on how to assign a seperate material for a single face..  
  First try to remove the extra unused materials:  
  Start here: "shift + click" on the X to unlink a material, and set its users to zero.  
  This will set its "users to zero" for a material.  
  Restarting the program may remove the extra materials.  
  To add new materials to a selected specific face:  
  Start by adding new materials to the Material slot for the object:  
  Select a material that will be added to the seperate face:         
  Then select a face on the object in edit mode:    
      (in this case the top face on the pyramid)  
  Finally, hit "Assign" to assign the material to the selected face:    



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