Miscellaneous Blender 3d how to items.  
  July 9, 2020  
  Some short Blender 3d how to items..  
  How to simply select vertices:       C   on the keyboard.  
  In the 3d view, change to:   Edit Mode  
  choose (from the icon next to the edit mode button) either:          
            vertex select   ...   edge select   ...   or   face select.  
   then (with the mouse placed within the 3d view) hit  C   on the keyboard.  
       To increase or decrease the area of selection: scroll the mouse wheel.  
       To deselect a vertex: hold down the shift key and left click on a vertex.  
       To exit the selection mode: Click the right mouse button.  
       Below is a view of selecting some vertices among a group of spheres:  
  How to create a separate collection of vertices:  


        After having selected a group of vertices, edges, or faces, hit:  
             mesh   >>   separate   >>   selection  
        This will create a new collection, in the Scene Collection.  
        To rename the new collection:  
              right click on the new collection, then  >>   ID Data   >>   Rename  
  How to delete selected vertices, edges, or faces:  
        After having made a selection of vertices to delete:  
              Mesh   >>   Delete   >>   Vertices  
              "X" on the keyboard  >>   Vertices  
        The same applies to edges and faces.  
  How to select a linked, continuous mesh of vertices, edges, or faces:  
        First, in edit mode, select a face (vertex, or edge):  
        then hit    "ctrl + L"  on the keyboard    to select the continous mesh:  
        The initial selection of a face, vertex, or edge,  
        will choose different connected surfaces.  
  How to set the toolbar's position:  
        click on the area between the toolbar icons:  
        this brings up a menu to select the top or bottom position for the toolbar:  
        this can also allow it to be flipped back to the bottom:  
  How to show the normals for the faces:  
              We must be in edit mode.  
              Within the 3D viewport  >>   Overlays (icon near top)  >>    
                           Viewport Overlays  >>  Normals (near the bottom of the menu)  
                             >>  (then adjust the length of the normal's vector)  
  How to add vertices to an object and split up edges:  
        Select an object in edit mode, then select all of the vertices, edges,  
        to which we want to add new vertices. Then:  
              Right-click the mouse (anywhere in the viewport)  >>   (bring up the menu) >>    
                          >> select: Subdivide  
  How to change the near clipping plane in the 3d viewer:  
  How to get more precise with the mouse wheel zooming:  
             ctrl +  middle-click (the mouse wheel button)   
        ... or ...  
  How to reset the center of rotation origin for the 3d view:  

      To reset the 3D view pivot to a more convenient point,
      select a vertex, or edge or plane, in Edit Mode, and hit:

      "." on the number pad.       The "Del" button.




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