Miscellaneous Opensim how to items.  
  July 30, 2019  
  Some short "how to" items.  
  How to upload textures:  
  At the top of the firestorm browser:     
            Build --> Upload --> Image -->  
            then, navigate to file on hard drive  
  How to edit the terrain's textures:  
  At the top of the firestorm browser, menu items:  
           World --> Region Details --> Terrain  
           Here its possible to change the textures of each corner of the region.  
           Its also possible here to change the terrain's raise and lower limits.  
  How to increase the draw distance:  
  At the top of the firestorm browser, menu items:  
           Preferences --> Graphics --> Draw Distance   (set it to: 720 m)  
  Pressing keys automatically starts "nearby chat".  
  To change this to movement controls instead:  
           Preferences --> Move & View --> Movement  -->  
             (check) Pressing letter keys affects movement instead of nearby chat  


  To change from strafing to turning in the key movements:  
           Edit the file: "keys.xml"  
           "keys.xml" is located at: c:\Program Files\FirestormOS-Release..\  
           <binding key="A" mask="NONE" command="slide_left"/>  
           <binding key="D" mask="NONE" command="slide_right"/>  
           <binding key="LEFT" mask="NONE" command="slide_left"/>  
           <binding key="RIGHT" mask="NONE" command="slide_right"/>  
           <binding key="A" mask="NONE" command="turn_left"/>  
           <binding key="D" mask="NONE" command="turn_right"/>  
           <binding key="LEFT" mask="NONE" command="turn_left"/>  
           <binding key="RIGHT" mask="NONE" command="turn_right"/>  
  How to find objects nearby in the Firestorm viewer:  
           Firestorm menu --> World --> Area Search (for objects)  
  Some file locations.  
    location of "Settings.ini"  
    location of "XYSettings.ini"  
    location of "Opensim.ini"  
  Setting a new complex object for others to "take copy" is a bit bugged.  
    One solution is to set the object up for sale, for $0.  
    Except this may leave the "(no copy)" property on the new user's item.  
    The other option is to check every item individually, and make sure that  
    they are all set to "copy" for all users as well. (this doesn't seem to work all the time)  
    The best solution appears to be, to create an empty box, then  
    place the full item inside of the empty box.  
    When the user picks up the box, they can then copy the box as often as they want,  
    and maybe even transfer the box to another.  
    The box will need to be set to "for sale" for G$0.  
    The "take copy" setting may still not work for the box.  
    The "(no copy)" may still effect the objects inside.  
  Location of snapshots taken by firestorm.  
  It is currently unkown, and no else seems to know where  
  the snapshots end up within the hard drive, but:  
      Here is how to reset the location for the snapshots moving forward:  
       Avatar --> Snapshot --> save as  
  (at one point firestorm would append the date and some info to the  
   snapshot's file name, but information on this cannot be currently found)  
  Setting new login splash page snapshot.  
      Go to the Start Location setting:  
       Avatar --> Preferences --> General --> Start Location  
      Switch between My Last Location and My Home, or vice versa.  
      ... Then log off and log back in.  
  Location of the splash page images:  
  Removing a gray edge on a transparent png texture.  

   While trying to import an image into opensim that has a

     transparent portion, sometimes a grey edge can appear along  
     the interface between the colored pixels and the transparent pixels.  
     Here is a sample portion of such a texture:  
        (the example below shows a snapshot of the side of a straw hut, with the texture applied)  
     Below we can see a gray edge at the interface between  
     the image and the transparent part of the image:  
     Below we can see a corrected texture, without the grey edge  
     at the interface between the image and the transparent part of the image:  
     The texture in the first image above had been created in photoshop  
     and saved as a PNG-24 upon export.  
     The texture in the second image above had been created in photoshop  
     and saved as a PNG-8 upon export.  
     Saving the image file as a PNG-8 was able to remove the grey edge artifact.  



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